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Note: Historic registration is not transferable for H or J plated vehicles.



1958 Jaguar XK-150
Drophead Coupe

This car has had a full body off restoration; all sandblasted repaired and painted by professional tradespeople.


Sporting an "s" spec head with three 2" SU carbies, (this is not a 150 "S" car, only the engine is).
All work on this car has been done by professional tradespeople. As photos show there has been a lot of work done and a lot of money spent on this car. There are lots of bits and pieces go with the car ,but there will be numerous small items that will need to be purchased but thankfully all these bits are readily available.


Some of the items already done on the car...

  1. A complete engine rebuild was done by a recognized jaguar restoration specialist, also the gearbox and overdrive have been rebuilt and a new clutch and pressure plate have been fitted. The engine has been started and runs very nicely.

  2. Brakes, new master cylinder, new stainless steel sleeves have been fitted to all wheel cylinders, new rotors and pads to all wheels, and a reconditioned brake booster fitted.

  3. Electrical work, there has been a lot of work done on the electrical wiring of the car but it still needs a bit of a tidy up. All the lights are on the car and only need minor finishing off to be functional, All the gauges have been recalibrated and fitted into the dash panel. All of the switches except the windscreen washer vacuum switch and the overdrive switch, are in the dash ready to be wired up ,and the wires on the gearbox and overdrive have to be done.

  4. The body has to have packing fitted between it and the chassis and bolted together, also the door locks and window winders have to be fitted, some of these items have to be purchased.

If you are interested in this car, or need more information please call:

Harold Rowe - 0490 877 326


Last updated 17 April 2023



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